In the past 3 weeks its been so great to just relax with my entertaining and fun family back in the UK. We have been to London for a wine experience at Vinopolis, shopping at a designer outlet shopping centre near Oxford, down to Southampton for Marwell zoo, Ikea and shopping, local places, and have spent lots of time at the house along with heaps of fantastic food, wine, whiskey and laughs. This week I’ve been ‘fun shopping’ ! Went to Chichester on Tuesday for essentials, haircut, new headphones, a new 18 month Moreskin diary, UK sim and other bits. Brighton on Thursday for coffee and new music . Brighton is one of my favorite cites in the UK. Its independent, anti-empire, inspiring, creative, liberal and is located along the coast. There’s a great coffee roaster called Red Roaster based in the city, and then there are the Northern lanes for boutique shopping. A great little independent record store located on the last stretch of the lanes called Resident, and has become one of my favorite stops for new music. My sister and I have been at the house this week and we have just been chilling with films, food and catch up along with managing the highly entertaining pets, Truffles: Mr strong willed cat and Tryer: Miss ever happy white long haired dog. The house is on the outskirts of a village and in the country and has fields all around for big long walks. Its a peaceful house so its good place to be for some down time.
NB: the artist of painting above is my sister Emily

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