Crumbling & Falling Apart – Brilliant!

This frame, which is from my family heritage, was formally dedicated to a large portrait of a family member. It’s from the 18th century, which makes it around 200 years old and it’s gorgeous! It’s falling apart and crumbling, yes I realize this, but it’s an antique with unique design. So my plan is to restore it to give it a new start for the next 200 years. It’s going to be a big task and the results will probably mean it will look different to what it has on previous living room walls. It will hang in a different time in a new living room. But this old and crumbling frame will live on. I’m going to clean it up, seal the remaining details and paint it in a fresh matt gold; all for a new painting-photo-picture for a new time, era and living room.

That’s my plan anyway…

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