I’ve hit 50 votes! That’s exciting. Really exciting. 50 people are willing to vote to support my work in Kenya. The votes have been generated through Pure Futures: a promotion through Steinlarger NZ with a grants pool of 100k. Actually, right now, I’m in the middle of looking for financial support for the next 12 months through various channels and grants. I’m working to push the support base as wide as I can. Its hard work actually. It’s actually simpler in some ways to raise money for kids that are living in extreme poverty, than to raise funds for my personal living allowance. But the reality is, I need this to work for me as well. When you work for a big charity they pay you a living allowance, flights, insurance and everything else. But, we are small, very small and what we are raising through various events around the world is all going directly into establishing school, feeding mouths and providing medical care. Investing into the future so that one day in the near future, poverty can be eradicated. My support will enable to carry out what I need to achive within the time frames we are setting. If you haven’t caught up on Pure Futures, you can simply click the link below and vote for my Pure Future campaign. Thanks! http://www.purefutures.co.nz/marcus-gregar-rive.aspx

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