The thing that stuck with me the most

He remembered my name. Samson just had a face that you couldn’t quickly forget. That was thing that knocked me off my feet with the children in the slum. They remembered my name. As I looked at Samson with his cheeky smile, bare feet and torn clothes. His face seemed to soak into my skin. We had been up at the slum in early August with the Catholic Social Worker, where we had visited some people and taken some photos of the kids. Then in early September we were back, because the boy who remembered my name, wouldn’t stop smiling at in my mind, and I had promised to come back to see his swimming hole…this was the start of a story that began in August last year. Sometimes events and moments in life, stick with you, asking you, pushing you and pressing those questions. Will you? Because if you don’t do anything, this is my life for the rest of my life. Will you?

Our first birthday is coming up on Tuesday. Recently Ive been thinking about those first days, and the expereinces that led me to the most challenging and life enriching expereices of my life.

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