I arrived back in Kenya this morning on a direct Virgin flight from London. The flight actually went fast and the night didn’t seem as long as it could have. Time speeds along without you realizing where it goes sometimes. I spent 3 months in the UK enjoying the comforts of home and planning out the next stage. So now I’m back, and the first thing Ive noticed, is that it feels like home here. It’s a completely different culture-country-social makeup, but it feels like I just had a weekend trip away and now I’m back. So today Ive been at the office sorting out Microsoft and speed for my laptop, had coffee at Java and have contemplated taking a Matatu back to Naivasha – but have decided that its just not cool and annoying actually – and I think I would rather get Chomley “Mr Rastafarian” to get me out to Naivasha tonight. I think I need to blog on Matatus some time soon…they are truly within a league of their own. They could even fill an entire photographic essay! The weather here is cool about 16 C and it was lightly raining when I got out of the airport. But the warmth is still here and that is what I enjoy about Kenya’s weather. So on-ward with a new chapter. I plan to get to grips with the language, blog more about my experiences, work hard and smart on KCC and take time off to enjoy this diverse country.

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