A New Vibe

I’ve been back in Kenya for 1 week now and there is so much to say. But one thing that sits above almost everything, is the peace in the atmosphere. Just after I left in late July, Kenya made a big step forward in voting yes, for a new consitution. Leading up to the referendam and through out the 12 months living here, the tention, iratation and frustration from the lack of leadership and corruption, became one of the most exhausting aspects of living here. Sure Kenyans are a very hospitable and a friendly people to be around. But the atmosphere from the stress of the unknown, became a national gut feeling. Would it be No or Yes? Would there be blood shed and violence? Or would the results celebrate a peaceful new chapter in the nation’s history. This past week has been remarkably different. People have a calm and chill which has created an atmosphere of peace and progress. Sure it’s only been a week for me, but the changes are a breath of fresh air. I can only imagine the challenges we will face for KCC in the coming months, as its a country of contrasts and daily drama, but so far, things are good, and I know our best days are in front of us.

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