Nairobi to London

On Monday it will be 2 years to the day that I have been living-working in Kenya. Its incredible to think about. Even in the past 9 months there have been so many moments, events and achievements that have been significant and have moved me to keep going. Mixed in here have been some of the hardest moments too. At the start of the year I put down what I wanted to get out of this year, working goals and strategy for building a strong base. But to see anything come out of a bunch of ideas, you need a lot of determination, patience and perseverance. Amazingly though some things have happened and we have seen great results.

Im taking a break for August until mid September. I’m flying to London on Monday and hope to catch up with various people I haven’t seen in over 3 years! Spending a good amount of time with family in the UK and relaxing. I miss home. I miss certain things and I miss people. So its going to be a good break. I don’t know when Ill get back to NZ. At this stage things are moving very fast and the journey has only just begun. Im excited and quite content in what is going on down here in Kenya. People say to me almost every week, how much longer… and you know what I actually dont have an answer any more. Ive said 5 years and I am more determined than I have ever been to see our new plans come alive. But who knows. These are our endless days and we can only do what we can do in the days we have been given

Would I get married here?! HA well that is always a question in motion isn’t it! But honestly I am still a very content single man. Most of my friends have been married off, with kids, building houses and making new steps forward. I say let life happen, love what you do, make the most of what you have, love your self and see where life leads. Does that mean I will take forever to find a soul mate, that doesn’t even matter now dose it! I just hope that I will be just as happy man at 70 drinking coffee in a Italian cafe as I am as happy as I am now drinking chai in a dusty street. Relationships do matter and finding people to love and trust does matter, but right now I would rather do what I love and make good friends along the way.

Thanks for everyone who has sent me love and personal support in various ways over the past 9 months, it really means a lot to me out here.

Amarni (peace)

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