Everybody needs a time through the year, I think, to stop. For me its essential. I love to work and I get a lot out of putting my best into something. Its just the way I am. Its something I’m proud of. Seeing something evolve from nothing is amazing. But that is one part of life, isn’t it. The part, where you work to make a living and push your energy, creativity, mind and mental capacity to reach where you want to get too. Then there is the time where you just have to stop. For me the work I do in Kenya, is all encompassing. It almost takes everything I have. Finding balance is what I wrestle with all the time. To keep your whole self in tune. And to not work so hard that you end up resenting and becoming over tired. Right now Im back in the UK. Here its a home and a base. A place to rest and space to kick back.

Coming from 9 months in Kenya where the pace and lifestyle of life is completely different in the UK, always throws me for a few weeks. It is so different. So very different. The culture, society, government, lifestyle, economy; absolutely everything. Coming from a country where the daily news is on the drought in the North where 3.7 million people in the Kenya alone, are suffering the worst hunger crises in 6 decades; To arriving into UK where the London Riots washed every newspaper in sight. A case where unemployed youth were smashing shops, looting merchandise and terrorizing communities because they felt hard done by in their society. It feels like worlds apart. People are dying from hunger in the worlds worst draught in 6 decades; People who think they are hard done by because they don’t have a LCD television or feel like they cant have access to a good life. Worlds apart.

So I have been reading, drinking, writing, eating, cooking and sleeping. It always takes me time to unwind. When I come here I stay at my mums, who’s house is in the county. Its one and half hours to London and is on the South coast near Portsmouth. But it always takes time to relax. This trip back is a lot shorter than last year. But any kind of break is a good I think. And this trip feels a whole different to last. Its amazing to think how as a period of time passes so much can happen in that space of time. When I went back last time I was actually quite unsure on a number of things. However the 9 months actually became some of my most rewarding. I often think how we work, play and plan for the future, yet we never actually know the fate of the future. Anything can happen, change can be abrupt and the plans we may have can either go soar or go better than we imagined.

But for now, chilling in the south of England is what will occupy me for the next few weeks. Writing has come back to me since arriving in Europe. Its interesting how a personal experience can spark so much. When an event or a realization occurs. For me its my way of making sense of some things.

In October this year it will be 3 years since flying out of NZ. It feels like a life time ago. I know now that I have changed in such a way. That I could never look back.

I am so thankful for it.

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