Right now I’m planning for the next 12 months for my stay in Kenya. I’m flying back on the 14th September and so this period of time in the UK, has been partly focused on how to manage the next chapter. To be honest, this is one of the biggest challenges I have.

Thankfully I have had a small number of amazing friends and family support me financially from NZ and the UK. This has kept me just above water but in no way is it an easy way to live.

There is always the risk involved in anything like this. There is always a toll also. Money, time, health, career, energy, relationships all these things matter, deeply. They are not just surface level pieces of life or challenges, they conduct how we live our lives.

I often feel like I’m a running against the tide. Hitting my head against a wall and making endless thoughts into “how will this all work out”. BUT I keep going. Because through all of it, the process of seeing something through and living in the present, this is where I have found true life. This I have found side by side with the mother at 70 years, selling tomatoes in the market. In experiencing the reaction that a child has the chance to attend primary school. At the sight of people deciding to get tested for HIV. At the single thought that what we have done for individual lives, has actually saved them.

So I don’t need millions to survive, but everyone needs resources to keep living in a healthy way. You have to look after your self. Because I am in no way another Mother Teresa nor a staunch missionary who lives on crumbs! But I do live simply.

So I am looking for a specific sponsorship to support my own living needs. I am planning to continue building KCC while living in Kenya for the next 2 years. I therefore need a wider finical personal support base. I need sponsorship for medical insurance, living needs, flights, transport, R&R and general needs.

I am looking to raise GBP300+ per month.

Whether this: be a one off or a regular amount; a fund raising event done in my name; or an individual donation.

If you would be so interested in being donor or sponsor towards my personal support base at KCC, I would be most grateful. I can assure you that the investment and support you give will empower the work KCC and my involvement working here.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me over the last 2 years, it means so much.

You can send support through my personal PayPal account by clicking on the below button for a quick, safe and convenient donation. If you don’t have an account it takes just a couple of minutes to sign up. Click here to donate:

Bank Accounts
I have two bank accounts set up, one in NZ and one in Kenya. For a direct deposit or automatic payment-direct debit. Please send me an email and I will forward these details to you.

Get in Touch
email: marcusgregarrive@yahoo.co.nz
facebook: marcus.gregarriveKCC

For More Info

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