Hello & Goodbye

The year is about to close and the new one is about to open. What a year. Sometimes I find my self running so fast I don’t know where my feet are standing and then other times all comes to a small pause and halt that I find myself re assessing and grasping where everything is heading. Sometimes its easy to see the future, other times its not so clear.

Im in Uganda for this New Year and Christmas time and have really enjoyed doing a whole lot of nothing mostly. This is a country I could visit many times and never get tired of it. It was the first African county I ever came to back in 2006. I came here then, after seeing the film Hotel Rwanda in Wellington at a friends house. After watching the film I decided to visit a family I had been sponsoring through World Vision for 10 years.

Little did I know however, that the one week visit in August 2006 would completely change the direction of my life. Literally. I didn’t know then that I would meet some of the friendliest and easy going people in the world and make life long friends. I didn’t know that the atmosphere of the country would leave a permanent mark causing me to want to return many times over. I didn’t know that I would then return to East Africa in 2009 and then live here for 2 years. Sometimes things just happen because they are meant to happen.

Im here this time however to just relax and see the New Year in with some great friends. I feel like 2011 was a whirlwind with many hard challenges both personally and with our work. There are many people that have made this year an adventure as well as a group of friends and family who have supported me tirelessly over the year. It has empowered me so much and made the difference to keep things going. All I can say is thank you.

2012 is a new year and so with that, I leave this as a toast to a great, productive and fulfilling year for all…


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