Better for It

i have much to say. but im choosing few words.
sometimes it is better. to just stand back and keep silent.
not react. not say much. not post. not update.
to process and think. what you have experienced.
to live through the extremes and someday, maybe,
bring it up in conversation.
im a man who enjoys words, but this time, i will say few.
this past week has been hell. confronted with the reality of losing a lot.
but ive lived through it. made with the strength of others.
and deciding not to blast the internet with stories of chaos.
we all have choices and our responses are our own.
this is the choice ive made. and will be better for it.

grace and peace,

One thought on “Better for It

  1. So sorry to hear you’ve been going through rough times 😦 Hang in there buddy. If there’s anything you need, speak up!

    PS: I was so stoked to get my snail mail from KCC. Thanks for putting a smile on my dial.


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