The Most Ridiculous Photo

I saw the most ridiculous photo of me this week. Granted it was taken when I was 19. I saw this photo in a cafe in downtown Nairobi while I was working. When I logged in, it literally stopped me in my tracks and caused me to think back immediately to those days, with the friends I used to hang out with. Some things you want to forget from your growing up and just move on. Other things, well, you just sit back and cry with laughter.

Of course, it went on Facebook this week. Of course it did. The world needs to see this. Clearly…

But it made me laugh more than anything else. It was taken when I was living in Blenheim, NZ. We were children. My god we were children. Playing in the sun, dressing up in second hand clothes, eating microwave steak and cheese pies, midnight camping trips to the beach, van drives in the ‘shaggin’ waggin’, causing mayhem and drama. All that stuff. Awkward, hilarious and far to serious at times. I have so many great memories from those days.

Its funny, as we say, one day we will see each other again. Who knows, that might or might not happen. But the truth is, you live today, with the people you are with now. I will never forget the fun we had. The people that made my life what it was. In all of the routine, boredom, antics, rants and laughter.

I see people come and go all the time here in Kenya, its like a train station. People come and people go. One day we may meet again, but maybe we wont. You live there I live here. So lets not promise anything. Lets just live now. Drink the beer, dance like the white man, speak your mind, laugh at yourself and try to keep it all in perspective.

Anyway that’s my bit for today, have a great weekend everyone.

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