This Week

Lately, I’ve been a bit stressed, to say the least. The reason: money and how to make the work I’m doing in Kenya, sustain itself. Some things are now sorted. Its better now than it was 4 months ago. But there is still a high stress level to what I am doing.

After a call to mum last night, I went online, to do some more, funding research. I then came across a crowd funding website called: go fund me. Firstly I thought, no this will either be a country specific site, or I wont have the authorization-bank account etc to set it up. NO and no! It uses PayPal for donations and is instant. Every donation is instant. They don’t even hold it for a certain number of days. Nothing.

So I thought, why not?!

How much can I raise in 1 week? Every dollar can go into taking my stress levels down!

That’s the question that I’ve opened this new week with.

After getting it all set last night, I went to bed at around 2am. When I woke up blurry eyed this morning, I had 3 donations! Today, I have received 3 more! A total 6 in less than 24 hours!

So. Help a brother out this week, and who knows, karma might just come back to you in the following.


LINK: Keep Going Strong : Marcus In Kenya

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