Day One

In one day, I managed to raise 435 pounds! Its amazing and I can’t say thank you enough. The funds I’m raising for myself are going straight into return flights to Kenya, insurance & well being. All to keep me going strong here.

Go Fund Me is a site that helps individuals raise funds. The donations come directly into my PayPal account immediately when someone gives.

In early June, I’m heading back to the UK for a family wedding and some down time. Raising this support is actually really vital in order to get back to Kenya. Without it, KCC would have to go on hold for me for a period of time.

Kenya has changed everything for me. I have found happiness and peace here. I’ve meet fun and inspiring people living here. And, I have a a life time of animated stories to tell, from the many, many daily experiences!

Any amount helps. It all ads up. I take no funds for these costs from our fund raising for KCC, so any amount is going to make it possible for me to keep going strong.

If you can’t donate. Please don’t stress! Sharing the link around your email contacts, Facebook & Twitter followers would be a big help. The link is here and there is a badge you can share too: GoFundMe


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