More Than You Can Imagine

What a week! On Sunday I created a GoFundMe fund raising site, to raise money for my flights, insurance & well-being to continue my work in Kenya. Six days later, I have managed to raise just under 55% of the target! It has been an incredible week.

The support has come from friends, family and people I have never met.

If you have given, watched the video, tweeted, shared or sent a personal email, I would like to say this: “This week, you have encouraged me more than you can imagine. You have helped a brother out. On Sunday I was very stressed. But now, I can see a way forward. For this, with all the energy I can muster, I want to say a sincere and massive thank you to you”

The campaign lives on:
If you have a spare 6 mins this weekend, this is how you can help: Watch the (rough!) video, Consider some support. Share the story around your people.


Again, thank you everyone who has made my week one to remember.

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