Hello England


I arrived back in the UK last Monday, a whole week ago now. And heck, the last few days have been big. It feels like Ive been back for ages, yet its only been 7 days! Its been superb though and Ive managed to sink back into it quite easily. Last week was the build up to my step sisters wedding, Katie. It was the first wedding of us 4 kids to get married and it was a day to remember. Our family is all about food, drinks, shopping and good times. So last week, this pretty much summed up what we did. I love being back and I think my my body does too. I’m actually under weight (surprise, surprise) at the moment, as people keep telling me so I need to get some weight back on, and get healthier as this also helps to balance the state of mind and well-being.  But then again, I don’t think I have ever been at the right weight! Heck, my waist size is currently between 28-30. But I did manage to get a super slim cut suit for the wedding, that slipped on like a glove. But some things are just the way they are, and really there is only so much you can do. So as you can probably tell, one of my biggest goals back here is eating! But mostly its un-winding, rejuvenating and getting some balance back on the table. The Go Fund Me campaign has been amazing to watch, as I have managed to raise 80% of the target! Im going to do some updates on it soon, with how the money has been used but for now, Im out for a bit. I need a break. The last 9 months have been non stop, and have taken a lot to get through at the best of times. Hello England, sleep, food, whisky, music, Olympics, rain, wine, art, London, family, banter, friends and good times.



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