Three months, three days

Its amazing how 3 months can flash past, without it feeling like that kind of time. But it has been a great three months. In the middle of the year. To get away and find some open space. The truth is, the older I get the faster time seems to go. Time is the only thing you can’t buy back. I fly back in three day to Kenya, for my fourth trip. Four? How on earth did all of this happen? Who would have imagined? It has taken a lot, but these are the days I will never forget. The people along the way. People who have believed in it, supported me and made the journey that much more enjoyable. This trip has been all about time to hang out with family and banter for a bit. Catch up with friends in different part of the country (sorry if I didn’t get to see you this trip!). Time to: read, write, watch a hundred different shows, see the Olympics (6 different games!) eat, cook, drink, chill, find new music, sleep, set different routines, gain some weight (ok only slightly) and mentally prepare for the next block of time in Africa. 


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