Its been over a year since I’ve posted here and almost the same amount of time since I logged in.

Time passed by, life became hard, depression took over for a while, and, I don’t know, I guess I just lost motivation to explore creativity.

I don’t expect many people even remember this blog exists let alone come back to check to see if its alive…but none of this really matters.

My truth is the truth in my second sentence.

And really in truth, last year would have been a good year to keep writing.

It was a tough and shitty year for a chunk of it.

And this is the kind of stuff that is good to find creativity in, because it can be in this stuff that colour can glisten through even if we don’t want it to.

But then I think, maybe that shitty stuff is better to keep to yourself until you feel like it’s a better time to talk.

Because everything is online. Everything is a post, a hashtag, a like, a share, a story, a message, a tweet – Its how we live.

There are a hundred different ways: to learn new things, keep up with the news in real-time, feel pleasure, kill time, be distracted, laugh on cue and scroll through pictures and words. – Its the way we live

And all of this is fine and necessary. As life can get heavy and hard so we need 30 second distractions.

For me words have other purposes too. They can be a way of pulling out and exploring the ways in which we think and what we believe and the possibilities of the future.

Words can have an effect like that of art, travel, or music. They can offer hope and they can offer permission.

This blog is a personal voice for me. Some have music. Some have painting. I have words. And this is where I want to share them.

I’m not promising an electric series of posts and writing for the world.

More so, its my experience of the world: What fires me up; calms me down; makes me laugh; depresses me; energizes me; and what gives me hope.

Its taken me a while to get back to blogging and writing in general, but if you are keen to follow my story, then I would be keen share it with you.

– Marcus

4 thoughts on “Writing

  1. Thanks for sharing, Marcus!!!! I’m glad you are back at it. Sharing, even when it is hardest is the way we stay connected and that’s what life is all about! Don’t ever feel alone, you are forever part of so many lives! Love you!!


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