I’ve discovered something this year that has improved my life in ways I could not have imagined: Breathing exercise’s. The genius of this is that this is nothing new to the world. Breathing exercises have been practised for a very long time now in different generations and cultures.

Just like drinking water, breathing is what keeps us alive yet quite often its forgotten about, because oxygen is all around us and we breathe naturally without thinking about it.

With water, everyone knows that incredible feeling when you are so thirsty and you pour that glass of water, and drink it until its all finished: the feeling of relief, satisfaction and calm.

I’ve found the same with breathing exercises. Except the difference is that I’m not leaving it until I’m almost done and can’t cope. I’m doing them on a regular basis so that over time I can keep a healthier, productive and calmer life.

So this is one type of exercise: You sit down in a relaxed position, close your eyes, concentrate on your breathing by breathing in for four seconds and out for four seconds all through your nose.  When something comes into your mind, recognise it as a separate object and put aside, and do this for about 3 minutes.

Then this one is the kicker: Sitting in a comfortable position, put one hand on your chest and one on your stomach, close your eyes, breathe in from your diaphragm for eight seconds, then out for eight seconds, all through your nose. These are slow breathes with about six to ten breathes a minute, repeating this for around ten minutes.

These exercises have become part of my morning routine and have changed the way I start my day. I can easily become stressed and I know this so I wanted to find ways of living a more balanced life. This is just one of the things I’m working on and so far, I’m amazed that something so natural, is something that is helping me keep a healthier body and more productive mind.

With water, we should drink it constantly and in this way we keep a healthier body and more alert mind. I’m finding its the same with breathing exercises. Everybody is different and this may not work for everyone, but its worth trying as I think the older we get the more we should enjoy this life, not the other way round.

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