Boost Marcus: Result

Back late last year, I set up a personal fundraiser called Boost Marcus: I didn’t quite meet my target but I did raise NZ $870  and best part was – there were no fees! This is an big plus in the fundraising world. All the funds were deposited into my NZ bank account by Sparks Foundation who take care of all the fees.

I want to send out a big thank you to everyone who donated to this campaign and made the effort to help me out in this way. It meant a lot to have your support.


Boost Marcus: Personal Fundraising Campaign

On Friday I launched a new personal fund raiser on NZ fund raising platform – Give A Little: The campaign is called Boost Marcus and is simply aiming to bring a cash boost and also help with a fundraising drive pencilled in for NZ. To be honest, this kind of fund raising is one of the toughest. Fund raising in general is not easy but this kind of campaign is even further down the line of meeting targets. Its just generally a harder sell. But this campaign is essential and necessary. My goal is to raise NZ$10,000 by 28 February 2014. In this time I hope to raise enough money to take some time to visit NZ in 2015 for some much needed NZ-time, as well as start a big fundraising drive while in NZ for the school construction project we have coming up latter next year.

Here is the campaign’s essence: While living-volunteering in Kenya part of what I’ve done intentionally is work really hard to maintain sustainable operating costs by not taking an expat salary and all the extras. That means all my flights, insurance, well-being and immigration costs I have fund raised for outside of KCC’s campaigns. What I do receive is a local currency living allowance that is on par with all our other volunteers and staff. As well as this I have a group of very loyal friends and family who partnered with me to provide financial support year round that has helped keep my finances above water. However, charity work is no small undertaking! All the costs to do what I have, have been squeezed from these two pools of support. This is on top of all the fundraising work I’ve do for KCC. So this is where the Boost Marcus campaign comes in. I’ve chosen Give a Little as this is a NZ fundraising platform that is funded so that all donations given are received in the full amount given. In other words, there are no fees! All the donations raised from this campaign will be totally intact and therefore, what you give is what I will actually receive. So why should someone give to this campaign? Good question. This is basically a personal campaign that I’ve set up as a way of boosting my finances in a way that will provide everything I’ve mentioned as well as a little more breathing room and slightly less stress! My philosophy in giving is that we give because we want to give, not because someone is persuading us. It’s a decision we make and once made, we should feel good about the simple act of giving.

So that’s the campaign. Im not making a huge push on this as I know all to well how every person and family have their own commitments and challenges. However if you are keen to support this campaign, I would appreciate it a huge amount. – Marcus DONATE

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