Letters and Words and Edits

A couple of weeks back I renamed this blog from my name, to Edits. I did this as I wanted a refresh and a name that was more in tune with what I am thinking of doing with this blog. I named it Edits because to be honest, even though I enjoy writing with the coming together of words, language, sentences, structure, flow, form, and style – to get to the end result of a piece that is coherent – requires a substantial amount of editing!

For me, writing is actually really quite difficult which I know can be the case for many people, but in my case, I attribute it to being dyslexic as this disability really contributes to my disjointedness, blocks and difficulty in bringing things together. I enjoy writing however and once I have my flow, it can come together beautifully. For the most part though, it’s a hard and slow process with my brain often in mindmap phase – it can take time to connect and bring together ideas, words, thinking, and content so that it makes some kind of sense. Sometimes, and only sometimes, it isn’t as much of a struggle and I can write a piece that requires almost no editing, proofing or rephrasing at all. This is when I sit back with confused eyes and think – what just happened?

In my last job, a core part of my role was all the communications for our charity which for someone who is dyslexic, was quite the challenge. This included all our copy across the website, social, newsletters, reports, emails, marketing materials and more. But I faced it head on and proved my demons wrong by honing my skills, developing systems and tools, working to get better at spelling and grammar, and learning the craft of developing a trusted and respected brand and voice for the charity.

It’s taken years for me to master spelling and grammar and to a great extent the processing of the sounds of words – where even to this day there are words I just can’t get my head around to pronounce. Like my brain has a twist that can’t seem to work out how to say or read a particular word. It’s in the processing of words and language that is something I struggle with. Letters appear jumbled in words or even backwards, words jump two words or to the next line altogether!

But here’s the thing, and maybe this is because I haven’t been through university and had to submit massive essays;  I really enjoy the discipline and art of getting writing to work and flow togther. In words and ideas and theme and language and clarity and logic and off-beat and flow and story and simplicity.

And being a blog I guess a little bit of forgiveness can co-exist here if I miss the occasional word or lettr.

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