Kenya’s Elections – New Voices

On the 8th August, next Tuesday, Kenya’s general election is taking place and although I wasn’t planning on writing about it, this political time in Kenya has really been on my mind a bit lately as I know first hand what the exhaustion of these elections is like.

I was living in the country through the last tense election in 2013 and then the election prior to that, was the one that was a tipping point that formed part of my reason to get out to Kenya to work in one of the communities that were affected by the mass bloodshed and displacement of people.

I was talking with mum this morning over breakfast about next weeks election, and some of the reasons that cause people turn to vices such as violence and corruption in the Kenya context. The fact that so often people in election times; just listen and believe the voice up front: don’t look into manifestos, values or policies of a party: make their decision based on family or friends opinions: or just go with the masses.

Then I came across this article in the BBC. It is just one piece – a positive one at that – and although it doesn’t guarantee anything because curveballs are always enviable in Kenya’s political climate. But it does go to show that given time, small change can start to grow and once people start to feel empowered in their voting and voice, then they can influence those around them.  You can read the article here:

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