When There’s No Motivation

The first morning light slips through the curtains. Its just gone 6.00 and last night while getting ready for bed, I said to myself, tomorrows run day. But this early morning squinting sunlight is too much. Knowing how good running is for fitness, mental health and productivity, should be enough for motivation. But on this […]

Emerging London Artist

What size easel should I get? I was asking mum this when we were in a small art shop, two days before I was flying back to New Zealand after spending a few short weeks in the UK in late 2005. The easel was a gift for my younger sisters birthday, who was still in […]

Take 2: Thoughts on Growth

Recently I saw a job advertisement for a role that asked for a different kind of application. Instead of the usual covering letter, download application form, or an automated online process – what was asked for, was a video application that answered two questions: What would you like to bring to this role? And, where […]

Cycling to Russia

You could either agree or disagree with this. But sometimes, the best way to live a full life, when considering a risk that may or may not work out, but in your rationale it really makes sense – leads you to take a bold call to follow your passions. This is the type adventure my brother, […]

Tom Hanks – Untold Stories

A couple of Friday’s back, after feeling confident from a second job interview, all suited up ready to take on the world, I came across Tom Hanks freshly published book: Uncommon Type. That’s right, the legendary Tom Hanks – wrote a book of short stories. In an unusually quick decision to buy a: hardcover-book-two-days-released-out-of-the-box-price; I […]

48-Hour Film Project Win

It’s not every day that people in your family win Audience Award for the 48-hour film project Glasgow – so I’m going to go all out. Through blood, sweat and tears my incredibly talented brother and wife, David and Mairi Rive, with acting support of friends and family pulled it together in the mad dash […]

Kenya’s Elections – New Voices

On the 8th August, next Tuesday, Kenya’s general election is taking place and although I wasn’t planning on writing about it, this political time in Kenya has really been on my mind a bit lately as I know first hand what the exhaustion of these elections is like. I was living in the country through […]

Boys From The City Camping in The Wild

This is the longest track in the world. Those were the words of my younger brother, David, one time when we were teenagers on one of our weekend tramping (New Zealand word for hiking and camping) trips with our best mates Theren and Brin, to Smith Creek Shelter in the Tararua Ranges. This was actually […]

Letters and Words and Edits

A couple of weeks back I renamed this blog from my name, to Edits. I did this as I wanted a refresh and a name that was more in tune with what I am thinking of doing with this blog. I named it Edits because to be honest, even though I enjoy writing with the […]

Book review: The Good Immigrant

I discovered an extraordinary book a few weeks back called; The Good Immigrant, edited by Nikesh Shukla. Like the concept of Kickstarter, publishing was crowdfunded through Unbound from the interest of people making a pledge, and with 1323 backers, it was published in 2016. Today is World Refugee Day and with immigration at such a […]