Making Films in the Water

I remember when I had just moved back to Wellington, New Zealand, in 2004 after living for seven years in the small south island vineyard town of Blenheim. Wellington was  where I grew up, the capital, and a culture hub, but I had left there at 17 in 1997 after going through some hard family changes. I decided […]


I’ve discovered something this year that has improved my life in ways I could not have imagined: Breathing exercise’s. The genius of this is that this is nothing new to the world. Breathing exercises have been practised for a very long time now in different generations and cultures. Just like drinking water, breathing is what […]


Its been over a year since I’ve posted here and almost the same amount of time since I logged in. Time passed by, life became hard, depression took over for a while, and, I don’t know, I guess I just lost motivation to explore creativity. I don’t expect many people even remember this blog exists […]

NZ in Kenya

It’s interesting how when you are faced with reminders of “home” how much you remember what “home” was like. For the past month we have had 3 kiwis volunteering with us. We’ve had former All Blacks player Norm Maxwell and NZ rowing pair Rebecca Scown and Juliette Haigh all volunteering with us. As they are […]

Three months, three days

Its amazing how 3 months can flash past, without it feeling like that kind of time. But it has been a great three months. In the middle of the year. To get away and find some open space. The truth is, the older I get the faster time seems to go. Time is the only […]

Hello England

I arrived back in the UK last Monday, a whole week ago now. And heck, the last few days have been big. It feels like Ive been back for ages, yet its only been 7 days! Its been superb though and Ive managed to sink back into it quite easily. Last week was the build up to […]

More Than You Can Imagine

What a week! On Sunday I created a GoFundMe fund raising site, to raise money for my flights, insurance & well-being to continue my work in Kenya. Six days later, I have managed to raise just under 55% of the target! It has been an incredible week. The support has come from friends, family and […]

Day One

In one day, I managed to raise 435 pounds! Its amazing and I can’t say thank you enough. The funds I’m raising for myself are going straight into return flights to Kenya, insurance & well being. All to keep me going strong here. Go Fund Me is a site that helps individuals raise funds. The […]

This Week

Lately, I’ve been a bit stressed, to say the least. The reason: money and how to make the work I’m doing in Kenya, sustain itself. Some things are now sorted. Its better now than it was 4 months ago. But there is still a high stress level to what I am doing. After a call […]

Keep Going Strong: Go Fund Me!

I have just created a brand new fund-raising campaign, for my own fund-raising. It’s for flights, insurance, laptop and well-being. This is my own campaign to raise support. I think there could be huge potential in this. I’m not a charity case! But I do need support. So, the link is below, and I would […]