48-Hour Film Project Win

It’s not every day that people in your family win Audience Award for the 48-hour film project Glasgow – so I’m going to go all out. Through blood, sweat and tears my incredibly talented brother and wife, David and Mairi Rive, with acting support of friends and family pulled it together in the mad dash […]

Boys From The City Camping in The Wild

This is the longest track in the world. Those were the words of my younger brother, David, one time when we were teenagers on one of our weekend tramping (New Zealand word for hiking and camping) trips with our best mates Theren and Brin, to Smith Creek Shelter in the Tararua Ranges. This was actually […]

Something Personal

July ran away on me and now its mid August. There you go, you now know how loose I am at keeping writing up on this blog. But needless to say, my mind never stops thinking and contemplating. Sometimes I have a million ideas on what to write about and some times I lack a […]

Crumbling & Falling Apart – Brilliant!

This frame, which is from my family heritage, was formally dedicated to a large portrait of a family member. It’s from the 18th century, which makes it around 200 years old and it’s gorgeous! It’s falling apart and crumbling, yes I realize this, but it’s an antique with unique design. So my plan is to […]