48-Hour Film Project Win

It’s not every day that people in your family win Audience Award for the 48-hour film project Glasgow – so I’m going to go all out. Through blood, sweat and tears my incredibly talented brother and wife, David and Mairi Rive, with acting support of friends and family pulled it together in the mad dash […]

The Best Medicine

A while back on a Sunday night I started writing a blog post called, Moving Pictures. It was based on three old films I had seen over that weekend: Motorcycle Diaries, Good Will Hunting and Into the Wild. Three films that still have a spark in my opinion. Three films that still provide a window […]

Making Films in the Water

I remember when I had just moved back to Wellington, New Zealand, in 2004 after living for seven years in the small south island vineyard town of Blenheim. Wellington was  where I grew up, the capital, and a culture hub, but I had left there at 17 in 1997 after going through some hard family changes. I decided […]